We Love Local Lily

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About two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Beth and Brandi from Local Lily .  “Local Lily promotes independent, locally owned businesses with something special, unique and interesting to offer.” Local Lily’s website features contests, reviews, and special offers from local businesses. One of the things that I admire the most about Local […]

New Times Best of Phoenix Reader’s Poll 2010: Best Yoga Studio, Please Vote!

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PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!! We made it into the top five finalists for the Best Yoga Studio category. Click here to vote. You must enter at least 10 categories for your vote to count. We are almost the last page #81. Thank you for your support!!!

Speaking Our Truth

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Our theme for this month’s A Woman’s Rite of Passage is Speaking Our Truth. Old proverbs such as “Children should be seen, not heard” and “Silence is a woman’s best garment” set a precedent for generations to come. Many of us have learned through our conditioning (upbringing, culture, religious beliefs, etc.) to stifle our voice. […]

Strawberry Hedgehog’s Vegan Bake Sale

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Our dear friend, Tracy from Strawberry Hedgehog is helping with a Vegan Bake sale tomorrow. All proceeds go the  Raven House Animal Rescue. Raven House is run by  Roberta Lee/Nightwing. She is hosting two upcoming workshops at Inside The Bungalow, Shamanic Chakra Work and Becoming The Woman You are Supposed To Be . Roberta cares […]

Montezuma’s Well

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We had an opportunity to visit Montezuma’s Well, on our way to Flagstaff. It is a hidden treasure! Where’s your favorite nature spot in Arizona?

Freedom To Be

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I didn’t realize I needed to wax my eyebrows until my hairdresser let me know if I wasn’t going to die my hair it is a must….Why…Who says…The International Eyebrow & Hair Color Association?  Here’s the best part of it…all of a sudden…I can’t leave the house without my eyebrows waxed. What will the neighbors […]

The Great Escape

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It never seems to fail. The week before I present at a workshop, I am given unlimited personal examples to share on the subject at hand. Perhaps I am more conscious of my own behavior or perhaps the “threat” of exposing myself to people I don’t know brings my “humanness” to the surface, either way […]

July Staycation at Inside The Bungalow

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4 Great Reasons to stay home this July. Click the here for more information or to register for one of our upcoming workshops.