My sister’s wedding: The Invitations

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Life is buzzing at the Bungalow. Snow birds are back. The weather is PERFECT for sitting on the patio. Long gone are the oppressing days of 115. Peoples’ moods are brighter and… My sister, Mary, is getting married at Inside The Bungalow November 19th.  I am beyond EXCITED! She is giving my mom and me […]

Reclining Dining

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Sweet Frances, our freeloading feline, Should lose a few pounds from her waistline. Yet she lies on the sill Scouting geckos to kill Then consumes them, dine after dine. There once was a feline named Frances, A slinky and cunning enchantress. But when males came to call She would hurl a hairball Dashing her hope […]

3 Rules to remember when planning your wedding

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Kim Karadashian (of You’ve Got to Be Kidding Karadashian infamy) was married on Saturday to the delight of the 30 billion dollar a year wedding industry — once pictures of her event appear in print, they are likely to spark a copying frenzy among brides who are currently planning a wedding. Because Ms Karadashian did […]


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When Frances was younger and still quite timid, the MEOW MIX cat food tune, sung by yours truly, would often coax her from hiding and send her scurrying toward her feeding dish. She associated my singing voice with a pleasant experience-eating.  Don’t misunderstand, my singing voice in and of itself is anything but pleasant; it […]

Wedding Open House

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Please join us tonight for our weekly Wedding Open House from 6-8pm and let us escort you through ITB’s unique and charming venue in historic downtown Mesa.  Maybe you will be the eager couple who allows us to feature your wedding story on ITB’s blog, under the headline, “Tulle Death Us Do Part!”  We’ll chronicle […]

Frances the Feline Freeloader

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Back in the summer of 2008 as the economy was tanking and our financial future was becoming bleaker by the day (at times it seemed by the hour), a mama feral cat deposited four newborn kittens under the foundation of our yoga studio, then quietly stole away, abandoning her offspring as easily as a Generation […]

Fall wedding season is around the corner

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So I thought I’d post a few of our favorite photos from this past Spring. I love the one above. Dreaming about this day since you were a little girl…Wedding Open House on Tuesday evenings. Hope to see you there!

Inside The Bungalow Video

A special thank you to Eric George of 57 Media for helping us put together this great promotional video!

3rd Series of Astanga Yoga

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One of the great attributes to yoga is how many different styles of yoga there are.  Just as each of us steps onto our mat with unique body types and life experiences, different traditions and styles will call to us.  In one of my earlier posts, I introduced my yoga lineage, Astanga.  I have studied […]

Inside The Bungalow Yoga Retreat at COD Ranch

The first annual Inside The Bungalow Retreat unfolded the weekend of June 17-19th.. Between 18 amazing souls with open hearts, the delicious food prepared with love by Chef David, the 32,000 acres of solitude, and three great friends presenting, it exceeded our expectations. A special thank you to David, Staci, and Daniel for being gracious […]